December 10, 2023

Study with Fully Funded Scholarships in Ireland

The Government of Ireland is offering international students scholarships under its International Education Scholarships Programme. Internation Students can apply for Fully Funded Scholarships in Ireland

The Government of Ireland is offering international students scholarships under its International Education Scholarships Programme. Pakistani / International Students can apply for full funded scholarships.

The Ireland International Scholarships are designed for Pakistani / international students who have the potential to be future leaders in their field and are dedicated to making a difference in the world.

The programme provides funding for one year of study at Irish higher education institutions for talented international students. The programme is managed by Ireland’s Higher education .

Under the initiative, scholarships will be provided for one year of study at Masters or PhD levels to successful candidates who have an offer of a place at an eligible Irish higher education institution.

The offer is open to students from non-EU/EEA countries and applies to all fields of study. Successful applicants to the scholarship will receive the following:

  • A €10,000 stipend for one year’s study
  • A full fee waiver of all tuition and other registration costs at the higher education institution.

How to Apply: 

Applications can be submitted via the online portal click here .The deadline for the submission of applications on 24 March 2023.

Why should study in Ireland? 

Ireland is an English-speaking country that is one of the most globalised in the world. The country is a high-technology, trading economy which is home to many of the world’s leading companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, financial services, ICT and the internet. Ireland receives more US investment than the BRIC counties combined.

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Benefits of study in Ireland

1. Use of English language.

The medium of instruction in the Irish universities is English. The language is spoken by most international students and the fact that the majority of the population in Ireland speak English makes it a favored destination for international students. There are no language barriers to overcome in order to study here. For admission in Irish institutes, international students need to submit an English proficiency certificate from an authorized test provider like IELTS or TOEFL.

2. Post study visa.

Among all the EEA member countries, Ireland’s post-study visa facilities are most favorable for international students. One of the benefits of studying in Ireland is that the country offers a post study work visa. To get a post study visa, students can apply under the Irish Third-level Graduate Scheme.

Under this scheme students from non-EU countries can stay back in Ireland after their studies in order to look for employment or apply for a green card/work permit. During this period they can work full-time for up to 40 hours per week.

For a bachelor’s degree, stay back is allowed for one year and after the master’s a 2-year stay back is allowed. Once they find a job, they can apply for a Green Card also known as the Critical Skills Employment Permit.

High Quality Education

Ireland’s universities rank among the top 5 % in the world rankings. The courses in the universities of Ireland are tailored in such a way to suit the careers that students want to pursue.

According to the QS world university rankings for 2023, here are the top eight universities of Ireland.

Name of UniversityQS Ranking
1Trinity College Dublin, University of Dublin98
2University College Dublin181
3National University of Ireland, Galway270
4University College, Cork303
5Dublin City University471
6University of Limerick531-540
7Maynooth University801-1000
8Technological University Dublin801-1000

Lower cost of education

In Ireland, the cost of education is much lower compared to other countries. This is because the government provides financial support to most of the universities. For instance, the cost of studying at Maynooth University is around 7,000 Euros, which is cheaper than many other institutions in Europe. The tuition fee may vary based on the course and the university where you plan to study..

Apart from the cost of studying in Ireland, the average cost of living is also quite affordable. If personal expenses are included, the average living cost for an international student comes up to 5000 to 9000 Euros per month

Safe and friendly

Irish people are known for their warm and friendly nature. The country ranked 8th in Global Peace Index and 7th in the happiness index in the 2021 rankings. Ireland is a safe and friendly place for students, adding to another benefit of studying in Ireland.

Work opportunities International Students .

Ireland is home to top companies in the pharmaceutical, agriculture and technology sectors, which provide multiple job opportunities to students who have completed their education here.

Students can easily find work and develop relevant job skills post-completion of studies under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme. In addition, the country also allows part-time work options.

Apart from this, Ireland is suited just a short flight away from other European countries such as Germany, UK, France or Switzerland which makes it possible to look for jobs in these countries. Irish universities also encourage students to look for internship opportunities in these countries, which give students a chance to later find a job.

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Final words

Ireland is full of scenic landscapes and rugged mountain ranges. The Irish people are close to their culture and traditions. They enjoy sports, music, dance, food and drinks in their free time. Pub culture is an important part of Ireland, and one can find lively bars and pubs at every corner of town or city. The fact that the country has produced great geniuses in the field of literature, arts, and science reflects the creative bent of its people. So, another benefit of studying in Ireland is that after study and work, it’s a great place to explore different traditions, culture and ways of living. Being in close proximity to other EU nations, one can explore other countries in Europe while studying in Ireland.

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